Spray Tanning

Black Magic has a large range of spray tanning solution varying from 1 hour, 2 hour, 2-6 hour and 8 hour spray tanning solutions.

We also have offer different range of bronzers from violet based Vibe, Muscle tan and Dance off, to Green based brands such as Black Magic premium. Black Magic also offers an organic range called Pure Magic that uses no synthetic colours and has a caramel base.

All of our solutions are fast drying, non-sticky. Our spray tanning solution will give your clients a smooth all over natural looking tan. Because our products are odourless, your clients will be happy to leave your salon or spa without the smell that accompanies other spray tans. Our solutions are safe to use on all skin types and can be customised according to the desires of the client. We manufacture our products only using the highest quality materials, your clients are guaranteed to be pleased with every tan they receive. No matter what spray tanning solution you are looking for you are sure to find it at Black Magic Ireland

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Black Magic Spray Tanning Solutions:

  • ARGAN TAN 12%
    Black Magic Argan Tan – 12% Black Magic Argan Tan 12% features a chocolate base with a unique formula that delivers a rich, hydrating tan and beautiful rich colour in as little as two hours development time.  Black Magic Argan Tan 12% range is infused with argan oil and wattle seed extrac..
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  • ARGAN TAN 15%
    Black Magic Argan Tan – 15% Black Magic Argan Tan 15% has the highest possible concentration of DHA with a chocolate base. Our unique formula will give you a rich, hydrating, long lasting tan that’s sits beautifully on the skin along with amazing, deep, dark colour.  Suitable for ..
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  • Black Magic Vibe Evolution
    Black Magic Vibe Evolution 2-4-6 Vibe Evolution 2-4-6 has been created using Advanced Technology Development and provides the opportunity for salons to manage the needs of several clients in one bottle! The longer you leave Vibe Evolution 2-4-6 tanning solution on the skin the darker it be..
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  • HVLP Gun Wash
    HVLP Gun Wash One Litre of HVLP Gun Wash not only cleans your gun free from DHA Build Up and Colour Residue, it also helps maintain gun lubrication.  HVLP GUN WASH is designed to help flush and clean when swapping over from other brands or different formulas. Directions For Use  ..
  • Midnight Magic 1 Litre
    Black Magic Original Midnight Magic Tan Black Magic Midnight Magic Tan was the second tanning solution every created by Black Magic Tan. With a green base and eight hour development time Midnight Magic tanning solution was created to deliver a deep dark tan, rich in antioxidants with anti-aging a..
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  • VIBE Classic 8 Hour
    Black Magic Vibe Classic Tan – 8 Hour   The Vibe range of professional tanning solution slips over the skin like velvet transforming it into absolutely stunning colour, with no fragrance and absolutely no smell. Instantly dry to the touch Vibe delivers clients the ultimate wearing ex..
  • Black Magic Vibe Ultra
    Vibe Ultra Vibe Ultra will deliver a deep dark tan for EVERYONE!. A constant request from spray tan enthusiasts is I want to go DARK however their skin type simply won’t allow it – well look no further our research and development team have been hard at work to create a solution that does just..
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