Professional Skin Care

Our professional range of skin care products will help get your skin ready prior to your next tan, while our tan wash, Lock and Xtender will help maintain and prolong your skins natural hue.


Black Magic’s range of self tanning products is designed to give any tanning business owner the complete selection of products and equipment that will guarantee the best tan possible for all clients. In addition to our solutions, we are proud to offer some additional products that will help you and your customers achieve the best results from each spray tanning session. We offer tan extenders, tanning mouses and tanning applicators, all of which are specially designed to increase the results of each tan applied using Black Magic solutions.

  • Black Magic Tan Lock
    Black Magic Tan Lock – The Ultimate Finishing Treatment - Waterproof Your Tan | Lock In Colour | Hydrate & Moisturise Black Magic Tan Lock is the ultimate finishing treatment. Tan Lock hydrates and moisturises the skin, locks in colour while water proofing your tan . It also serves to minimis..
  • Black Magic Tan Xtend - Pack of 6
    Black Magic Tan Xtend – Hydrating Crème & Colour Extension Pack of 6 Black Magic Tan Xtend is a natural emollient based moisturiser that softens and smoothes the skin. Infused with all natural Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) this Hydrating Crème extends the colour of your tan when applied daily or ..
  • Nourish - Pack of 6
    NOURISH  x 6 Every tanner knows the importance of moisturising their skin to maintain and extend the life of their tan. Nourish body moisturiser has been enriched with the precious extract of cucumber to deeply nourish and hydrate the skin plus the calming effects of Aloe Vera and powerful a..
  • Dark Tanning Mousse 180ml - Pack of 6
    Black Magic Vibe Brown Base Mousse – Pack of 6 Experience the fantastic colour, feel and finish of a Black Magic Professional Tan in an easy to apply self-tanning mousse. Vibe Brown Base delivers the ultimate client experience with super fast drying, triple bronzers and a rich dark colour. Inf..
  • Luxury tanning Mitt - Pack of 6
    Luxury tanning Mitt - Pack of 6 With our new Tanning Glove blending of your gorgeous Black Magic Self Tanning Mousse just became easier. This luxurious black velvet glove has been designed with a thumb to provide ultimate comfort and to ensure the best possible application and no staining of your..
  • Medium Tanning Mouse - Pack of 6
    Black Magic Medium Mousse - Pack of 6 Experience the fantastic colour, feel and finish of a Black Magic Professional Tan in an easy to apply self tanning mousse. Amazing colour, features a green base making it the perfect self-tan for fair to medium clients seeking a beautiful natural looking ..
  • Exfoliating Mitt: Pack of 6
    BLACK MAGIC TAN XFOLIATING MITT - Pack of 10 Black Magic Tan Xfoliating Mitts are an essential tool when preparing for your tan. Upon completion your skin will be left feeling smooth and rejuvenated. Use 24 hours prior to your spray tan appointment. Step 1. Soften your skin by showering or..