Argan Tan

Argan Tan is a Chocolate based tanning solution that is infused with Argan oil from Morocco. Argan oil is extracted from an Argan tree root grown in the harsh condition of South Eastern Morocco, rich in vitamins and great for nourishing the skin. By using Argan Oil in our solution it helps to evenly fade your spray tan unveiling your skins natural colour and is great for those with dry skin.

Argan tan is available in 2 Hour Regular 10% DHA, Medium 12% DHA and Dark 15% DHA. This Bespoke spray tanning blend of ingredients creates a natural to dark colour depending the solution you choose

  • ARGAN TAN 12%
    Black Magic Argan Tan – 12% Black Magic Argan Tan 12% features a chocolate base with a unique formula that delivers a rich, hydrating tan and beautiful rich colour in as little as two hours development time.  Black Magic Argan Tan 12% range is infused with argan oil and wattle seed extrac..
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  • ARGAN TAN 15%
    Black Magic Argan Tan – 15% Black Magic Argan Tan 15% has the highest possible concentration of DHA with a chocolate base. Our unique formula will give you a rich, hydrating, long lasting tan that’s sits beautifully on the skin along with amazing, deep, dark colour.  Suitable for ..
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