Blending Brush - Pack of 6

Blending Brush - Pack of 6

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Every aspect of the professional spray tan application is important, from prepping the skin for improved pH balance, choosing the right product to enhance the skin to locking in the tan and moisturising for longer lasting results - these small additions to a spray tan application make it a beauty experience that has clients coming back for more.

Our FINISHING TOUCH BRUSH is no exception so it’s a MUST HAVE in your tool kit.

  • High quality construction
  • Unbelievably smooth on the skin, glides like silk to provide the perfect finish
  • Quality wooden handle for easy grip
  • Tightly packed like a Kabuki brush
  • Bristles - 80 mm wide x 35mm high x 30mm deep
  • Wooden handle – 70mm wide x 40mm high x 25mm deep
  • Boxed

Our Finishing Touch Brush is used to:

  • Buff between fingers
  • Smooth out sharp edges on wrist to produce a beautiful blended finish
  • Lightly glide over neck area behind ears, back of neck and hairline to blend or when bronzer trapped in creases
  • Gently blend feet and between toes (last)

In keeping with good hygiene practices ensure you wash your Finishing Touch Brush between tans using our cleanser and dry using a hair dryer or compressor.

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