Blending Brush Retail

Blending Brush Retail

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Applying self-tan just got a whole lot easier! After using our Luxury Tanning Glove for application on the body, then take your Body Blending Brush and glide over the Face, Chest, Hands, Knees & Elbows to achieve a flawless finish and a beautoful tan result. 

Our FINISHING TOUCH BRUSH is a MUST HAVE in your Tanning Kit:

  • High quality construction
  • Unbelievably smooth on the skin, glides like silk to provide the perfect finish
  • Quality wooden handle for easy grip
  • Tightly packed like a Kabuki brush
  • Bristles - 80 mm wide x 35mm high x 30mm deep
  • Wooden handle – 70mm wide x 40mm high x 25mm deep
  • Boxed

Our Finishing Touch Brush is used to:

  • Apply Tan easily and evenly to - Face, Neck, Chest, Hands & Feet
  • Smooth out creased edges/ lines on wrists & knees to produce a beautiful blended finish
  • Lightly glide over neck area behind ears, back of neck and hairline to blend or when bronzer trapped in creases
  • Gently blend feet and between toes (last)

In keeping with good hygiene practices ensure you wash your Finishing Touch Brush between tans using a brush cleanser and dry by allowing brush to stand. Do not leave brush soaking in water.

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